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Why Pay For Shipping? Shop Local! - An Ottawa Gift Guide

I know what you're thinking, "but online shopping is so easy"!!!!! Yah, I know it is, but there is no way you could ever find a gift online that beats these local legends! Buying local is more important than ever right now and it's also a great way to safely get out of the house! Take yourself out on a date and tour the city through these awesome shops! Picking a gift by hand is so much more meaningful than adding a random candle into your amazon cart (but if you don't feel comfortable leaving the warmth of your home, many of these shops have great online stores!) You might even find a few things for yourself, because who said you don't deserve your own locally found Holiday gift?!

  1. Jacobsons - Jacobsons has the most wondering selection of high quality imported cheeses, jams, oils & vinegars, cakes and confections that would be GRATE for any family member or friend! I know that I would definitely MELT for any of their gift baskets! https://jacobsons.ca/

  2. Vien Avec Moi - If you're looking for anything between cool apparel (sweats to fancy fits), aesthetic skincare, gorgeous jackets, cute stationery and stocking stuffings any girl would love, GO WITH ME and check it out!! (don't actually go with me, I just tried to be funny) https://viensavecmoi.ca/

  3. Vincent - This local women's boutique has tons of gift possibilities for the candle loving, cute mask-wearing, stylish woman in your life! https://www.shopvincent.ca/

  4. The Papery - This local paper shop is a Glebe landmark! For the last 30 years, The Papery has been the OG spot for the most beautiful pens, papers, cards, agendas, journals, puzzles, art supplies AND SO MUCH MORE!!! http://papery.ca/

  5. Crumb Cookies - Shameless self-plug...... But seriously though, this is Crumb's last chance to order my BOMB vegan cookies :( (yes, I can say that confidently!) AND there are Christmas flavours!! https://www.instagram.com/crumb._cookies/

  6. Schad Boutique - It's hard NOT to find a gift when entering Schad! The boutique is a beautifully curated space with trendy and timeless pieces for any fashion lover in the family! https://schad.ca/

  7. Milk Shop - This Byward boutique might be small, but it's hard not wanting to leave after seeing all the clothing, accessories, stickers, sunnies and more they have to offer! https://milkshop.ca/

  8. Les Boujee Bougies - There is nothing that could be better than giving the gift of a NON-TOXIC and long-lasting candle! And did I mention they will be the center point of any table/mantle you put them! You literally can't go wrong with these new locally (and hand) made 100% soy candles! https://lesboujeebougies.ca/

  9. Le Suq - Le Suq, located in Little Italy, is the perfect gifting spot to make any of your fav foodies happy on Christmas morning! The shop is filled with speciality food, beautiful art pieces & jewellery, coffee, teas, plants, sweets, pies and there is even a ready-to-eat section when you're hungry from all that shopping! https://www.lesuq.ca/

  10. Black Squirrel Books - Another local spot to grab some fuel (amazing coffee and treats) for yourself while you find some bomb reads for the book worm! https://www.blacksquirrelbooks.ca/

  11. Stomping Grounds - This local shop is a fashion lovers dream! SG is bright, organized and so irresistible that you will just want to buy the entire store for yourself (if your credit card doesn't max out)! They have everything from sweaters, t's, jackets, pants, sneakers, sunglasses and really cool coffee table books! https://stompingground.ca/

  12. Beaded Dreams - Kim Vincent is carrying on what his parents started in 1994, running a shop dedicated to supporting Indigenous artists and to keep their beautiful culture alive! The Bank Street shop is filled with jewellery, moccasins and mitts, dreamcatchers, Native art, handmade candles and soaps, smudge medicines, books, stones and crystals, craft supplies and much more! httpsx://www.beadeddreams.ca/

  13. BBxCollection - BBxCollection is making Holiday gifting much easier with their cool, casual, inclusive apparel without sacrificing quality, comfort or affordability. Everything is designed, printed, pressed & packaged in-house. The shop carries many women-owned small businesses!! GIRL POWER!!! https://www.bbxcollection.com/

  14. Maker House Co. - This Hintonburg shop is a wonderland of curated handmade gifts and furniture from 200+ Canadian makers, with many of them being from around Ottawa. This shop is perfect for someone who wants to give a meaningful and unique gift, but who can't be bothered to make it themselves. https://linktr.ee/makerhouseco

  15. Flamingo Boutique - Flamingo Boutique is another Hintonburg gem! The shop's goal is for us locals to find affordable, unique and fun products to keep AND to gift... Their products range from punny greetings cards and flamingo fart candles, decorative wooden carvings and linen clothing to ethically sourced, handmade products from Bali, including a line of fashion jewellery and clothing curated and designed by Flamingo Boutique owner, Jo Arbuthnot, on her yearly trips to Bali! Local with an international vibe! LOVE!! https://flamingoboutique.ca/

  16. Trove Fashion - This Westboro boutique is offering the latest trends at affordable prices. All the items are carefully selected for style, quality, and value. Give the gift of cute clothing with character since the boutique is filled with previously loved items. (They also carry new items from local makers and designers) https://trovefashion.com/

  17. Magpie Jewellery - For anyone who still doesn't know what to get me, CLICK THIS LINK AND PULL OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD!!! (Go crazy, I won't stop you...) Magpie is filled with the most beautiful small & dainty, simple, bold or trendy great quality jewellery you could ever want! https://magpiejewellery.com/

  18. Pokoloko - Do good this Holiday season and shop Pokoloko! Every time you buy from Pokoloko, they plant 2 trees in the Pokoloko forest to offset CO2 emissions accumulated in the process of sourcing material, creating our goods and shipping them to you. To spread the Pokoloko spirit, the founders and their artisan friends created blankets in more colours and patterns, designed to support the unique space of each person using them. These artisans can count on sustainable income and healthy work environments thanks to the incredible support of the Pokoloko community!!! Their blankets are BEAUTIFUL, but they also sell everything from bamboo straws, reusable bags, towels & robes, to hats, sweaters, ponchos and dresses! https://linktr.ee/Pokoloko

  19. HummingBird Chocolate - You could NEVER go wrong with gifting chocolate! At Hummingbird, they see how important it is that the cacao they source is done fairly, ethically, and sustainably. Not only will the gift receiver benefit from the cocoa, but also the amazing sustainable farmers who Hummingbird is devoted to creating relationships with and fairy paying! They have everything from beautifully crafted bars (I'm putting the Extra Hot Mayan, PB & Joy and Canadian Ginger on my Christmas wish list!), CHOCOLATE SALAMI (not actually salami) and rich caramel truffles, to Holiday bark, gift sets and hot cocoa sticks! https://hummingbirdchocolate.com/collections/all

  20. The Mud Oven - Who said only kids want to make pottery? An adult who definitely hasn't tried it themselves! Seriously though, I may suck at it, but it's so fun, rewarding and calming!!! You can choose between in-store painting, or giving the gift of an at-home pottery making experience! https://mudoven.com/

  21. Octopus Books - Another amazing local bookstore to check out! Here you will find something for the loved ones who rather read a great book over a shitty small screened FaceBook article! I mean I can't really talk, since I'm writing up a blog post, BUT SERIOUSLY GET OFF THAT SCREEN (only once you're done reading this article) AND PICK UP AN OCTOPUS BOOK!!! https://octopusbooks.ca/


Let's just hope that I'm not the reason for the maxed-out credit card.......

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