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Ottawa Pizza Spots You KNEAD-To-Know About

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

These pizzas can't be TOPPED (I really KNEAD to stop with the puns.....)

No one can deny that our recent lives have taken a slight downhill due to the pandemic. Our routines have all changed and for us, that really means no travelling (aka not being able to eat our way through countries)! Well thanks to these amazing spots, we won't have to go to Italy anytime soon! Thank us later, but you won't be popping frozen pizza into the oven after trying any of these spots.


Farinella Pizza

If you're looking for a dinner party / picnic / get-together crowd pleaser, Farinella's pizza has got you covered! The pizzas are sold by the meter (or half a meter), don't be scared by the size, one bite and soon after it will be completely devoured. They have a great variety of pizzas so everyone can enjoy the ZAAAA! Elisa and I don't miss the classic pepperoni because of their amazing veggie options, BUT the meat pizzas look FLIPPING AMAZING TOO!!! I'll end it here, Farinella's crust is absolutely insane and an Ottawa MUST!

Art-Is-In Bakery

The Art-Is-In pies are definitely not traditional, but MAN ARE THEY UNREAL! I sometimes even get into arguments with my Italian family why kale and honey belong on pizza (Art-is-in could literally put anything on a pizza and make it taste amazing). So basically what I'm saying is that non-traditional DOESN'T mean less tasty, and if you don't believe me you better try these sourdough pies!

Pi-Co Pizza

Pi-co truly impressed us!!!! Like how could something soooo good take only 90 seconds to make!!! Yes you heard me, 90 seconds! What we loved so much about Pi-co is that it is customizable with so many different sauces, cheeses and topping options. We like to think that we have great taste, so obviously a custom pizza is going to be unreal (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN ADD EGGS ON IT BECAUSE IM OBSESSED WITH BRUNCH PIZZA)!!!

The Grand

Like I said, I'm obsessed with eggs on pizza! The Grand is another killer spot with a wide variety of red and white pizzas for the meat eater AND vegan! Yes, they have vegan pizza (WITH VEGAN CHEESE THAT DOESN'T TASTE NASTY!!!!) We had The Grand Pizza (mozzarella, basil, mushrooms, olives) and the Carbonara (mozzarella, parm sauce, pancetta but lol we obvi didn't put on, spinach) which were both so different and delicious! We definitely will be back for the mushroom pizza and vegan ravioli (lol not pizza, BUT it looks too good not to destroy).

Anthony's Pizza

Last on the list, BUT definitely not least. Anthony's is a classic Ottawa Neapolitan pizza spot that is always serving up some bomb pies. Anthony's always does an amazing jobs making a thin BUT NOT SOGGY Neapolitan pizza crust! AND WE LOVE THAT!!! They also have both Bianca and red pizza options, another thing we love! I mean you can never go wrong with a simple Margherita, but I have a slight obsession with Bianca pizzas.


We hope you now have a new pizza spot to try out and love! Ottawa is obviously filled with many more great spots, but these are our personal favs. SO HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Enjoy some Za & wine and have a good time (didn't even mean to rhythm, I'm just too good).

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