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2020 Was Hard Enough, These Locals Got Your Holiday Meal Covered!

What's more stressful than a room filled with loud, blunt and mulled wine filled relatives? Cooking the long anticipated Holiday meal! You might think the stress of hosting family over the Holidays is gone (FORK COVID), but this year was a whole new level of STRESS!!!!! These Ottawa chefs are giving you the gift of relaxing by the fire, watching that new cheesy Netflix Christmas movie or maybe even attempting that crazy cookie recipe you know won't turn out.....



If you're going to let anyone take responsibility of your Christmas dinner, we recommend letting art-is-INTO your home! Art-Is-In seriously does not disappoint, between brunch, burgers, pizza, pastries.....AND CHRISTMAS DINNER, they won't let you down! Their Turkey dinner (serves 6 people for $149) includes: a roasted turkey with sourdough stuffing (we LOAF their sourdough), turkey gravy, orange cranberry compote, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots & green beans AND PRALINE BÛCHE DE NOËL!!!! They also have smaller options like the gorgeous tourtière, quiches, mac and cheese and bread pudding. The deadline is December 20th to order your feast, so get going before they sell out!!!


I could only imagine the smiles plastered across your family members faces when serving them Parlour's Holiday menu (and faces of relief seeing you didn't make it.....I'm joking, I'm joking)! Parlour serves plates of solid GOLD! Parlour Place knows the vibe of this years festivities, they have the option of a big Christmas feast (serving 6), to a small and intimate dinner for 2-4! They also have a Hanukkah meal! The Christmas menu includes: roasted turkey or braised ham, sausage & apricot bread stuffing, sweet potato, carrots & parsnips, mashed potatoes and gravy & cranberry sauce for $190. The smaller option includes everything but the ham option and sweet potatoes for $120 (both available December 22nd-24th). The Hanukkah menu includes: braised brisket or an entire side of salmon, latkes, fennel & radicchio salad AND CHALLAH BREAD PUDDING (Available till December 18th)!!!! WOW, WOW AND WOW!!! You can also add on some extra Tourtières, soups, savoury pies AND DESSERTS (I'm not sure if you can tell how much I love sweets) like the STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING PICTURED (they have pear & apple crumble as well)!!!


This might not be a savoury meal option, BUT it still can be a Holiday feast..... Like I said, I LOVE DESSERT!!! Farinella's is a fan fav in our Italian household. From the perfection of Roman style pizza, the crispy & gooey CACIO E PEPE supplì, the delicious pastries AND THE GORGEOUS GELATO, Farinella is the best way to bless your dessert table with their care packages! The Nonna basket includes (for $100) their rich Italian hot chocolate, PANETTONE (an Italian Christmas MUST), hot honey, Italian style beer, and some of their merch. BUON NATALE!!!!! (Merry Christmas)


Bar Laurel sure isn't serving up Grandmas boring old turkey dinner (lol just making a joke, TURKEY DINNER IS GREAT)! Their menu really caught our eye (and tastebuds) with the different flavours and dishes that we wish we saw on our dinning room table! The intimate 2 person dinner for $105 includes a delicious spread of: paprika milk buns, brussel sprout salad - pomegranate, manchego, smoked almond dressing, hearth roasted sunchokes, parsnip & chorizo pavé (kinda a better version of scalloped potatoes...), Robuchon mashed potatoes (fancy mashed potatoes), Duck ‘Cassoulet’ - basque beans, jamón ibérico (Spanish cured ham) and salichon AND Basque Cheesecake - pear, brown butter crumble!!!!!! Just reading that menu brought tears of joy and a watery mouth!


Fraser went ALL OUT for this years Christmas menu! Looking at the delicious and elevated spread makes me want to order it just for myself (would definitely have leftovers going into the New Year). The large feast serving 4-6 (for $270) includes: parmesan brodo with carrots, rosemary & tomato, mixed green salad with cucumber, radish, fresh mint & blood orange pistachio vinaigrette, their fresh multigrain loaf, a half turkey roasted breast & confit leg, date stuffing, beet & cranberry chutney, wild mushroom jus, veal & pork tourtière, Yukon potato pave with pommery mustard sauce, whole roasted butternut squash with wild rice, bacon & hazelnuts, honey glazed carrots & green beans AND a chocolate yule log with vanilla, passionfruit mousse & chocolate ganache!!!!! WOW, that was a mouth full and now I want to make this mouth full with Fraser's!


HURRY, DECEMBER 15TH (TOMORROW) IS YOUR LAST DAY TO GET THE GIFT OF HPH'S MAGICAL COOKING!!!! This Christmas spread will bring East Coast to your dinning room table with: oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, salt pork, cabbage, turnips & carrots, gravy & stuffing ($60 for 2). A classic Holiday dinner never tasted (and sounded) so good!


HO, HO, HO MY GOD this spread sounds clucking (I think that's what chickens sound like) awesome! And not just because it includes sticky toffee pudding....... The Rowan is serving up a spread suitable for 4 ($120) including: roast chicken, red wine jus, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, roasted carrots & parsnips, cranberry chutney, rosemary hazelnut stuffing, green beans, mini bread loaf, green salad AND sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch & pecans!!!! The proof is in the PUDDING (sticky toffee) that this spread is BOMB!


I couldn't find a photo of Fauna's Holiday spread, BUT look how amazing the food in the picture looks!!!! So just imagine how amazing your Holiday dinner would look!!! Fauna is yet again killing the game with their creative festive menu, even so that it also includes eggnog!!!! WHO DOESN'T LOVE A LITTLE BOOSEY EGGNOG?! (it can be non-alcoholic too) The dinner fit for 4 ($250) includes: scallion potato dinner rolls (wow), celery root and brown butter soup, cranberry sauce, roasted root vegetables, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, turkey Ballantine (STUFFED TURKEY), gravy and a Yule log!!!


You might know the delicious JAX by their INSANE brunch (gotta love their lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes, smoked salmon eggs benney AND BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST!!!!!), but they also are giving us the gift of a Holiday menu! They have reheat turkey dinners (with all the fixings) for 2 ($70) or 4 ($135) AND they have a vegetarian spread ($55 or $105)!! Not only do they have big spreads, but they also have sides, pies, sweets AND holiday brunch available! You know whats better than a festive brunch on Christmas with loved ones? A festive JAX brunch on Christmas with loved ones!


Last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST!!!! Riviera is personally one of our favourite spots to celebrate special occasions, so why would the Holiday's be any different???? Even though they are only accepting orders for the 23rd (we were a little late on this one), it's just another reason to start the fun festivities sooner than usual!!! The menu serves 2 for $95 and includes: rolls & butter, TRUFFLED roasted turkey, whipped potato, brussels w/ bacon & chestnuts, squash purée, green bean almandine, gravy, cranberry sauce and creme brûlée!!!!


No need to thank me for giving you 10 amazing reasons to put down the apron and actually enjoy your Holiday dinner! But act real quick before all of these local heroes sell out, because it's a Christmas miracle that they still have orders available!

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